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The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

MFA - 3 year, 60 hour with 3-4 realized designs. Graduate teaching assistantships, access to professional internships. Most courses of study can be individualized because of Department's location in one of the largest Schools of the Arts in the country. Program focuses on design, period construction and history and has the advantage of being closely tied to the Valentine Museum and Colonial Williamsburg. BFA - 4 year, 130 hour which trains students in stitching, pattern making, crafts, costume history, literature, costume design and assisting. Possibility to design smaller shows or intern in 4th year. Classes may be taken in other Arts departments in the school including Art History, Fashion, Crafts, Photography and Film, and Painting and Printmaking.

Degrees Offered

  • BFA: Design/Technology
  • MFA: Costume Design


  • Toni-Leslie James: Head of Design; Costume Design.
  • Neno Russell: Costume Shop Manager/ Technology.
  • Bonnie McCoy: Administrative Director, Rendering Techniques.
  • Maura Cravey: Adjunct, Makeup.
  • Isabella Tavares de Melo: Adjunct, Costume History; Figure Drawing.

General Contact Information

Toni-Leslie James
Department of Theatre
Virginia Commonwealth University
922 Park Ave
Richmond, VA 23284
804-828-2696 / 826-6025

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