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The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

Costume study at the UW emphasizes the intellectual as well as aesthetic analysis of many types of performative texts and provides a supportive environment to turn this creative process into three-dimensional, unified designs. The graduate program prepares students for a professional career in costume design and the undergraduate curriculum offers a broad range of costume oriented studies. Costume courses in both degrees include multiple levels of design development, graphic skills, technical knowledge, histories, and business practices. Actualized costume design is intensive in the second and third year of residency for MFA students.

Areas of Focus

  • Design

Degrees Offered

  • BA: in Drama
  • MFA: Design


  • Deborah Trout: Design.
  • Skip Mercier: Design.


  • Josie Gardner: Shop manager
  • Val Mayse: Costume Specialist
  • Deborah Skorstad: Costume Specialist

General Contact Information

Deb Trout
School of Drama
University of Washington
Hutchinson Hall, Box 353950
Seattle, Washington 98195-3950
FAX 206-543-8512

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