University of Texas, Austin

The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

The program is an intensive professional training program, closely mentored by working professionals, with the individual needs of each student carefully considered. The express aim of the program is to prepare the student for a professional career in the entertainment industry. Students will experience a variety of performance genres that include film, theatre, opera, dance and new play development. (Abridged)

Areas of Focus

  • Design
  • Patternmaking and draping
  • Management
  • Costume Crafts
  • Wigs and makeup
  • Tailoring

Degrees Offered

  • BA: in Theatre wiith costume Emphasis
  • MFA: Design, Technology


  • Susan Mickey: Costume Design.
  • James Glavan: Costume Technology.


  • Nanette Acosta: Costume Shop Manager
  • Darcy Weberg: Project Manager, Draper
  • Betty Chlystek: Draper
  • Sara Aldridge: Tailor
  • Tonya Olalde: Craft Room Supervisor
  • Allison Lowery: Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe
  • Barbara Pope: Costume Stock Supervisor

General Contact Information

James Glavan/Susan Mickey
Department of Theatre and Dance
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78712
512-232-5336 (Glavan)
512-232-5323 (Mickey)

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