University of Alabama

The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

The University of Alabama offers a combined design/production program, with relatively equal emphasis on both areas. Students will have opportunities to design and produce costumes for mainstage, second stage and dance shows. The curriculum is flexible enough to allow as much customizing to the individual student's needs and interests as possible, allowing a focus in design or production if desired. Interning at a professional theatre is a third year option.

Areas of Focus

  • Design and Technology

Degrees Offered

  • BFA: Theatre with Design/Tech Emphasis
  • MFA: Costume Design/Production


  • Donna Meester: Program Director, Costume Design/Production.


  • Jacki Armit: Costume Technologist
  • Todd Roberts: Costume Shop Supervisor

General Contact Information

Donna Meester
University of Alabama
Box 870239
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-6386
FAX: 205-348-9048

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