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The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

All areas are open to students at the internship level, where the work/training is most intensive. PCPA offers year-round internships in a professional regional theater setting. PCPA offers 4 internships September to May and up to 25 internships June to September/October with interns working in a specific area of interest while making West Coast contacts. PCPA's two-year conservatory program is designed to introduce students to theater at a generalist level; each student works in all areas of either technical production or in acting. As a conservatory, PCPA can help prepare students to enter formal study at a University or for entry level positions in professional theaters.

Areas of Focus

  • Costume Crafts
  • Wigs and Makeup
  • Design Assistant
  • First Hand
  • Stitcher/Technician

Degrees Offered

  • Certificate: of completion and transferable credits


  • Eddy Barrows: Resident Costume Designer and Crafts Supervisor.
  • Robin Newell: Costume Shop Manager.


  • Kabrina Feickert: Cutter/Draper
  • Becky Giblin: Costume Technician
  • Annie Ballesteros: Wardrobe Supervisor

General Contact Information

Robin Newell
PCPA Pacific Conservatory Theatre
800 S. College Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93456-1700
805-928-7731 x3126
FAX 805-928-7506

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