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The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

Oklahoma State University Theatre Department is committed to providing students with a comprehensive, professionally-focused education within the context of a liberal arts degree. While the department maintains high standards for their productions, the faculty stand firm in their primary mission of education. To accomplish this, the department insists that students have numerous opportunities to not only assist the faculty in the design and technology of the productions, but are encouraged to design or take on primary technical positions on full-scale productions themselves. Our Jerry L. Davis Studio Theatre Season is designated for initial production experiences for our student directors, designers and technicians. Once these students have proven, through class work and studio productions to be knowledgeable in their fields and dedicated in their participation, they can apply to design, assistant design, drape or assistant shop manage a main stage production under faculty supervision in the Vivia Nail Locke Theatre. OSU has a strong, professionally active faculty and staff, who encourage their students to become professionally involved early in their careers and to network with veteran professionals through summer employment, internships and involvement with professional organizations like the national and the regional chapters of USITT. Courses that are offered in Costume Design and Technology are: Costume Technology (beginning costume construction course); Costume Design; Seminar in Advanced Costume Technology, which concentrates on period costume construction including Corsets and Crinolines; Makeup, which concentrates on 2-D makeup techniques; and Topics in Design and Technology, a class that allows for a variety of subject matters and has included such topics as, Pattern Development, both flat patterning and draping, and Advanced 3-D Makeup, Costume Crafts, Advanced Costume Design, and more.

Areas of Focus

  • Design and Technology

Degrees Offered

  • BA: General with Design/Tech emphasis
  • MA: General


  • Judith P. Cronk: Costume Design and Technology.
  • Heidi Hoffer: Sceneographer.


  • Rana Webber: Clinical Instructor and Costume Lab Manager
  • Also: 4 Undergraduate Apprentices
  • Also: Workstudy positions

General Contact Information

Rana Webber
Costume Lab Manager
Theatre Department
Oklahoma State University
121 Seretean Center,
Stillwater, OK 74078

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