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The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

Design Class work focuses on collaboration between the director, other designers and performers, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get a show up in New York City. Supporting classes in draping and costume crafts give students real skills to help them realize their projects. Through our association with the Playwrights Horizon's Theatre School, design students have the opportunity to work with many young directing students. Students also work on mainstage shows in a variety of capacities: initially as assistants, but in their last year as designers. In addition, there is a tremendous amount of production at all different levels (the department mounts over 100 productions a year) so that students get plenty of practical design experience. Because we are located in New York City, students are able to gain practical professional experience through our third-year internship program.

Areas of Focus

  • Design
  • Construction

Degrees Offered

  • BFA: Theatre with Costume Emphasis, Design, Design/Tech


  • Candice Donnelly: Costume Design.
  • David Murin: Advanced Costume Design.
  • Paul Tazewell: Advanced Costume Design.
  • Sara Jean Tosetti: Advanced Costume Design.
  • Sydney Maresca: Costume Design, Advanced Costume Design, Costume History.
  • Hilary Rosenfeld: Figure Drawing, Advanced Costume Techniques.
  • Michael McDonald: Advanced Costume Techniques.
  • Erin Black: Costume History.


  • Therese Bruck: Costume Director, 1st year Fundamentals of Stagecraft Costume Classes
  • Kimberly Parkman: Costume Shop Supervisor
  • Asa Thornton: Costume Artisan
  • 6 workstudy students: shop assistant, wardrobe, costume loan
  • Also: 10 undergraduate crew

General Contact Information

Chris P. Jaehnig
Director of Production and Design Studio
NYU-Tisch School of the Arts, Drama
721 Broadway, Room 311
New York, New York 10003

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