Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy

The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

This is a two year vocational program preparing the student for the problem solving challenges of design and costuming through increasing levels of responsibility and skills, always through hands-on involvement in actual projects of theatre and film production both at school and in professional internships.

Areas of Focus

  • Costume Design

Degrees Offered

  • Certificate: in Design, Technology, Design/Tech
  • A.A.:


  • Diane Sisko: Costume Design and Technology, Fashion and Lifestyle historian, Stage and Special Effects Makeup.
  • Eddie Bledsoe: Costume Design, Fashion Design, Costume and Fashion Illustration, Fashion and Lifestyle Historian, Historical Consultant.
  • Susanna Sandke: On Set Costuming.
  • Naila Aladdin-Sanders: Dye, Surface Design, Costume, Wearable Art.


  • Naila Aladdin-Sanders: Costume Shop Manager
  • Becky Parker: Costume Shop Forewoman, Historical Reproductions

General Contact Information

Diane Sisko or Eddie Bledsoe
Los Angeles City College
855 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
323-953-4000 x2987
FAX: 323-953-4013

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