Description provided by the program

Located at the core of the professional theater scene in New York City, the Theater Department at Brooklyn College is a global resource for the mastery of costume design. The faculty of working professionals trains theater designers and technicians as well as actors, directors, dramaturgs, and performing arts managers. We offer MFA and BFA programs in Design and Technical Production. The program consists not only of a vital academic curriculum, but also of intensive hands-on production work where what is studied in the classroom environment is applied to the real world of the costume design business. Students design for the Department's 2 Main Stage and 6 Studio productions annually. A variety of internships, loans, scholarships and graduate assistantships are available. Art is for all. The Department of Theater at Brooklyn College treasures equal opportunity and quality public education for all students where individuality is fostered, diversity celebrated, and affordability honored. We value committed students who inspire and excite us. We promote diligence, discipline, and high standards in our programs while accessing the resources available to us from the New York theatrical community. You are welcome to visit us in Brooklyn, New York or contact us for further information.

Areas of Focus

  • Costume Design
  • Technical Production

Degrees Offered

  • BFA: Theatrical Design and Technical Production with a Concentration in Costume Design
  • MFA: Theatrical Design and Technical Production with a Concentration in Costume Design


  • Teresa Snider-Stein: Professor of Costume Design.


  • Deborah Hertzberg: Costume Shop Supervisor
  • Sarah Iams: Costume Technician

General Contact Information

Kip Marsh, Professor, Head of Design
Department of Theater
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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