Binghamton University

The Costume Survey

Description provided by the program

The Binghamton University Theater Department currently offers courses in Costume Design, Costume Technology, Theatrical Make-up, History of Costume, Decorative Arts and Design.

Areas of Focus

  • Design
  • Construction

Degrees Offered

  • BA: in Theatre with Design/Tech Emphasis (choice within emphasis for area of specialization)


  • Barbara Wolfe: Costume Advisor.
  • Andrea Lenci-Cerchiara: Costume Designer.


  • Sandra Vest: Costume Shop Supervisor
  • Marisa Wade: Costume Shop Staff/Make up/ Wigs

General Contact Information

Barbara Wolfe or Andrea Lenci-Cerchiara
Theater Department
P. O. Box 6000
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
FAX 607-777-2489

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